Hyo Jeong Cheonwon

Hyo Jeong Cheonwon

Saturday, May 13, 2017

The Rapture

From 1960 to the present, the consciousness of the Earth has shifted markedly. So much so that predictions and prophecies made prior to that time can no longer be relied on. Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, Baba Vanga  etc all predicted events based on the previous human spiritual condition which was much darker.

We will now however experience spiritual phenomena based on the higher positive consciousness that now encompasses the universe. Peace is the fundamental basis of this new spirit. Peace within and peace between groups and nations. Wars will disappear. Those who continue to desire struggle will themselves struggle with delusions self conflict and confusion.

As an individual, whether you experience ascended spirits or evil spirits is completely dependent on your free will and the effort you make to understand the heart of the Creator, our Heavenly Parent.

Spiritual senses will generally open  as more and more people lift their hearts to a more peaceful and loving nature. People will experience ascended spirits (such as in Mt 17:19 where the spirits of Moses and Elijah appeared to the disciples of Jesus conversing with him) and Angels much like the stories in the Bible. And such spirits, as if coming on the clouds, will be seen to appear in the skies. They will be widely recognized and assist in making a positive effort to help individual better understand the Creator and live a life in service for the sake of others. A choice, however still needs to be made. We are beings with Free Will. For those who refuse to change, evil spirits and evil angels will descend on these people for the purpose of harassment. Not to punish but to motivate bad people to change. A self centered life, a selfish life is not an option in a future world of peace. The Creator loves all people as His children and His desire is to save and lift everyone into the realm of peace. 

The rapture is not bodies lifting or people disappearing. The rapture is a lifting of spirits into a life of joy and peace. 

People will continue to live on Earth and raise families. But the quality of life in those families will be on a whole different level of love and respect. That life of joy and peace must be practiced daily on Earth and passed on to new generations who will then be raised by you and your spouse in a new "Garden of Eden."

At the conclusion of your life in the physical body, after a long and fruitful joyous life lived for the sake of others, surrounded by those you love and who love you, you will yourself ascend and take your rightful place amongst the host of Heaven in eternal joy.

The Unknown Revealed

Friday, May 12, 2017


Is it Reincarnation or is it that your Ancestors and 'Like Minded' Spirits join with you on a Journey that they began eons ago, that you as an intimate extension of themselves, are following, and that your children will eventually continue as you go into the beyond to your place in the netherworld.

Additionally this includes spirits around you who have interests and backgrounds similar to yours - and even the spirits of those whom your ancestors wronged and are seeking their revenge on you. This leads to what we call 'karma'.. 

And don't forget the Angels. They are all around you.

All of these invisible forces influence our daily lives for both good or ill.

Thursday, May 11, 2017


Upon his ascension, True Parents offered Hyo Jin Nim this calligraphy:
The lord who will open a gate into the heavenly kingdom, as a son of loyalty and filial piety in the garden that opens the way to the deep, wide and high realms of heaven.
True Parents,
8th Year of Cheon Il Guk,
3rd month, 17th day.

Message by Sun Jin Moon

May 14, 2017

We have learned from our True Parents that God, our Heavenly Parent, has both masculine and feminine characteristics. While we refer to God as Heavenly Parent, to indicate a single, unified entity, we understand that at the very source and origin of our universe there is also the heavenly mother’s heart.
We know that the substantial manifestation or incarnation of the Heavenly Parent cannot be achieved fully through a single masculine or feminine being.
Heavenly Parent and the world have been waiting for the victory of True Parents. Without True Parents there would be no completion of the 4 position foundation. True Children and Blessed Central Families would be an impossible dream. Without True Parents there would be no salvation, grace or blessing and we would all still be in darkness.
We must carry the absolute heart of “hyojeong”, a true filial heart, and live in complete gratitude to True Parents with absolute love, faith and attendance. We must be the proud sons and daughters of our Heavenly Parent and True Parents and bring this world to the light as One Family under God.
For 92 years this world was so deeply and profoundly blessed to have our True Father, prepared by heaven as the only begotten son and called by Jesus, walking this earth, traveling this world, and unceasingly speaking the complete truth of heaven.
And, for the past 74 years this world has been equally and most profoundly blessed by the presence of our True Mother, prepared by heaven as the only begotten daughter, and as the long awaited bride that completes the position of True Parents, standing in the position that had been lost at the time of the Fall.
Humankind has existed from the beginning without its True Mother. We have lived in utter darkness and suffering for millennia. If you reflect on the history of our world we observe that there has never been a completed, center point that harmonized all life and creation. True Parents—True Father and True Mother—are that absolute and eternal center point.
For 52 years on this earth, True Mother served as the True Wife and the True Love Partner to her Husband. Over a period of 20 years, she gave birth to 14 beautiful and precious true children, establishing the True Family here on earth.
Together, as one absolute perfected couple, our True Parents have fulfilled and completed everything so that humanity could achieve total liberation.
Since True Father’s passing four and a half years ago, we have witnessed the emergence of our True Mother in ways that exceeded all our expectations and dreams.
We are truly blessed to have our True Mother with us. From the time of the Holy Wedding in 1960, she worked side by side with our True Father every single day.
Is there anyone who can claim to know True Father more than True Mother? Can any child fathom the full essence and depth of the parent?
Only True Mother knows the deepest heart and soul, the tears, the longings, the hopes and dreams, of our True Father and our Heavenly Parent.